Hi! I'm Halee, the Owner and all of the things of Emi + Rae Boutique.


I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to get to know you!


I have always been inspired by fashion, shopping and finding a creative way to show your true self with clothing. The dream of owning my own boutique began in the early stages of the pandemic. Entrepreneurial at heart, I wanted to do something that created a community of women, and coupled with my love for shopping, I decided to open an online boutique of my own.

Emi + Rae Boutique began in Jan ‘21 after listening to a podcast and researching for months prior. I spent months and months researching "how to start a boutique", listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos and googling all.things.business. I poured my heart and soul into the name, logo, colors, meaning, etc.

Between 2 kiddos, being a wife, a full time day job and running this boutique, I often feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off, but I absolutely love helping women find clothing they feel confident in. I'm always so inspired by the women I meet in this community via the internet or through Pop Ups/Sip + Shops. Find any upcoming events on the main page of my website and/or Instagram!

xo, Halee